How to configure Philips digital signage devices to run Roombelt

Philips 10BDL4151T/00 and 10BDL4551T/00 are top-class digital signage devices. We recommend running Roombelt on these tablets for maximum reliability.

By following the steps below, you can configure the device to start Roombelt automatically after a power outage. Additionally, the Roombelt dedicated app takes advantage of the side LED bars built into this tablet so that they change color according to the meeting room availability.


  1. Go to the Device Settings screen and open "Signage Display".

  2. Choose "Network application" and then "SICP network port".

  3. Ensure that the SICP is enabled and the port is set to 5000.


  1. On your Philips device, open Chrome, download the Roombelt app from and install it.

  2. Go to the Device Settings screen and open "Signage Display".

  3. In "Signage Display", choose "General Settings" and then "Boot on source".

  4. In "Boot on source" select "Custom app".

  5. Go back to the "Signage Display" screen and choose "Source settings".

  6. In "Source settings" click "Custom app" and then "Select app". Choose "Roombelt" and click "Save".

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