Custom background & theme

The theme customization options are available under the "Theme" menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Upload background - select the file used as a background image for the device.

  • Edit custom style - open the editor of the custom styles file. See Working with custom styles for details.

Working with custom styles

Roombelt allows you to set custom CSS code to fully customize a product's look and feel. While powerful, it requires basic programming skills. If you have questions, contact us, and we will help.

Sample customization snippets

Setting a device font size

Users can adjust the font size used by a tablet using the "+" and "-" buttons displayed on the bottom of the device (see screenshot below).

If you prefer to have a fixed font size (so that it cannot be changed with the "+" and "-" buttons) add the following code at the beginning of the styles file:

/* Change "30px" to a value that looks best on your device */
html { font-size: 30px !important; }

Hiding the bottom "configuration bar"

Right after opening Roombelt on a device, a small "configuration bar" is displayed on the bottom of the screen for a few minutes (see screenshot below for reference). Some customers prefer to hide it after the initial configuration. You can achieve this by adding the following line at the very beginning of the styles file:

.custom-display-options-bar { display: none; }

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