Understanding permissions in Microsoft Office 365

Roombelt Cloud

Roombelt Cloud asks for the following permissions on the organization level:

  • Read and write calendars in all mailboxes,

  • Read all users' full profiles,

  • Sign in and read user profile.

While these are pretty broad permissions, they can be restricted only to meeting room calendars using "ApplicationAccessPolicy" as described on this documentation page.

We plan to limit required permissions only to the meeting rooms available to the current user (like in the Self-hosted version documented below). Still, as of today, this is not available on the Cloud version.

Roombelt Self-hosted

Contrary to the Cloud version, Roombelt Self-hosted only needs to access calendars available on the current user calendars list on Outlook, as shown in the screenshot below. Consult How to setup Roombelt Self-hosted for Microsoft Office 365 for details.

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