About us

Roombelt is a small family business that is meant to stay this way. While most of the world is chasing new AI-powered functionalities, we are generally happy with the current state of the product and don't plan to introduce any ground-breaking changes or major UX redesign (we are aware Roombelt is not the prettiest product in the world, but it does its job exceptionally well).

We are proud of Roombelt's reliability. It's a tool that works and keeps working for years without constant maintenance, and our customers confirm that all the time!

Roombelt is affordable. We don't have aggressive sales targets that we need to meet to get a promotion. We are bootstrapped and sustainable, and we increase our revenue by growing our product user base in a healthy peace instead of raising the price year after year.

The product is self-contained. Customer data is processed on trusted partner's servers located in Paris and is never sent to any third-party analytics service. We use only GDPR-friendly service providers and host our services in the European Union to ensure the highest data privacy standards. If you prefer to run your software, we offer a self-hosted version, too.

We are committed to actively maintaining the product. This includes providing security patches, bug fixes, and minor improvements. Moreover, we're actively working on expanding our offering in a sustainable pace.

We are human, and we enjoy talking to our partners and customers to solve their problems. You can always reach out to us, and we will be happy to talk!

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