Energy saving

You can configure Roombelt to black out the screen or show a screen saver on connected devices after business hours. This functionality can be enabled individually for each connected device, as documented in Device settings.

To configure the energy- saving schedule click the "Energy saving" option in the "Account menu" (see screenshot below).

Energy saving schedule

Choose at what time devices with the "Energy saving" option are enabled. Outside of the selected time range, your device's screen will either be black or show a screen saver, depending on configuration. Users can still interact with the device in "energy saving" mode, but they need to tap the device to wake it up.

Tablets with OLED displays usually consume less energy on a black screen. On the other hand, LCDs might consume more energy for a black screen. Always measure the actual energy usage after setting up this option.

Wake up options

Configure your devices to wake up even outside working hours if there's a scheduled meeting or when someone interacts with the screen.

Screen saver

Display an image (possibly an animation with a GIF file) instead of the black screen when in "energy saving" mode. Additionally, you can choose to display the current time and a custom message on the screen.

You can choose to display the screen saver only during specified hours and switch back to the plain black screen outside of that time range (e.g., on weekends).

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