Device view modes

Roombelt supports three different modes of operation (views) for devices connected to Roombelt. We've designed each of them to support the various needs of the modern office. You can choose the device view on the device settings dialog, as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Single calendar displays the meeting room's current status and a list of upcoming meetings. Users can easily book rooms or modify existing meetings right from the tablet. Learn more about the Single calendar view.

  • Multiple calendars is an interactive view highlighting several meeting rooms on one screen. If your meeting rooms are close to each other, you can manage them on a single tablet. Learn more about the Multiple calendars view.

  • A status board displays a read-only list of current and upcoming meetings, meant to be displayed on a TV in a company lobby or kitchen. It can also work in a slide show mode to alternate between the meetings list and company announcements. Learn more about the Status board view.

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