Getting started with Google Calendar

Roombelt integrates with Google Calendar to display meeting room schedules on tablets placed by meeting room doors in your office.

How the integration works

Roombelt's two-way integration with Google Calendar ensures real-time visibility of your bookings. When a meeting room is booked from the Google Calendar user interface, it will be instantly shown in Roombelt, providing you with accurate and reliable information.

If a meeting room is free, you can book it from a Roombelt device, and it will be visible in Google Calendar. You can extend this meeting from Roombelt or end it earlier to free the room.

Creating an account

To set up the integration, go to, click "Log in with Google," and grant Roombelt the required permissions. These permissions allow Roombelt to access meeting room schedules and create or edit meetings right from connected tablets. See Understanding permissions in Google Calendar for details.

After creating the account, you should see the Roombelt administration panel, which is similar to the one below.

Connecting device

Now it's time to connect your first physical device (e.g., tablet). To test Roombelt, you can use any tablet or even a mobile phone:

  1. Open on your device using any internet browser and click "Register device". You should see a "connection code" that will be needed shortly.

  2. Open the Roombelt administration panel on your computer (see Creating an account section) and click "Connect device".

  3. In the "Connect device" dialog, provide the "connection code" and click "Next".

  4. Pick the device type "Single calendar" and click "Next".

  5. Choose the desired calendar from the list and click "Voila".

At this point, your device should display details about current and upcoming meetings.

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