How to configure iOS tablet to run Roombelt

You can easily configure any modern iOS device to run Roombelt in three steps:

Add Roombelt to the home screen

After following the steps below, Roombelt will be displayed on the home screen just like a regular application installed with the App Store:

  1. In Safari, open

  2. Tap the "Add to home screen" option.

At this point, Roombelt should be on your home screen. For details, refer to the iOS documentation.

Configure iOS to keep the screen always on

To keep Roombelt visible, your tablet shouldn't lock after a period of inactivity. You can configure your iPad always to keep on as described below:

  1. From the available options, select "Never".

Turn your device into a kiosk with Guided Access (optional)

Prevent users from messing up with your iPads by leveraging the built-in Guided Access functionality:

  1. Turn on Guided Access.

  2. Tap "Passcode Settings" to configure a passcode to leave the Guided Access.

  3. Open Roombelt from the iOS home screen.

  4. Triple-click one of the following:

    The Home button (on an iPad with a Home button),

    The top button (on other iPad models).

  5. Tap "Start".

For details on Guided Access, see the Apple documentation.

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