Administration panel

The roombelt administration panel is available after signing in to the system at

You can find the following elements on the administration panel:

  • List of devices connected to the system (highlighted with a red solid line on the screenshot above),

  • The "New device" button is used to connect new devices to the system,

  • "Audit log" button that opens the Audit log.

  • The "Bulk edit" button is available when at least one device is selected with a checkbox. See Bulk editing devices for details.

Account menu

The account menu is available upon clicking on the user avatar in the upper right corner of the page and has the following options:

  • "Subscription settings" - manage your Roombelt subscription. See Managing subscription for details.

  • "Organization" - share Roombelt account with other users from your organization. See Organization.

  • "Notifications" - email notifications about offline devices. See Email notifications.

  • "Energy saving" - configure the schedule when your device's screen should be blacked out (only if "Enable energy saving" is enabled for the device). See Energy saving for details.

  • "Help" opens product documentation.

  • "Log out" ends the user session and redirects to the product login page.

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