This functionality is available after starting a subscription. You can't configure organization settings on the evaluation plan.

You can share your Roombelt account with other users in your organization by clicking the "Organization" option in the "Account menu", as shown in the screenshot below.

Organization settings dialog

To turn your account into an organization account, toggle the checkbox "Share this Roombelt account with other users from company_domain". Then, add the organization members below. Users from your organization who are not on the list will see an error while trying to sign in to Roombelt.

For security reasons, you can only add members who share your email domain. For example, if you signed up for the product as, you can't add as a member, but you can add

Organization owner

Under the hood, Roombelt communicates with Google Calendar / Microsoft Office 365 or Zoho using a single user account (the user who created the organization in Roombelt). If the owner account is removed, Roombelt will lose access to the calendars' data. To change the organization owner to another account, contact us.

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