How to add missing Google Calendar room

Roombelt acts in the context of the user who signed up for the administration panel (see Understanding permissions in Google Calendar for details). It has access only to the calendars added to the list of "My Calendars" in Google Calendar, as shown in the screenshot below.

If your organization hasn't configured meeting room calendars yet, see this page in the Google Workspace documentation.

You can add a meeting room calendar to the "My calendars" list by following the steps below:

  1. At this point, the meeting room calendar should be visible in Roombelt.

You might have read-only access to the meeting room calendars, depending on your permissions. If this is the case, ask your G-Suite administrator to follow this documentation page and share meeting rooms with you with permission to "Make changes to events."

For organization accounts, Roombelt can only see calendars available for the organization owner. If you can't see a meeting room in Roombelt, even after adding it to the 'My Calendars' list, please ensure that you've added it using the organization owner's Google Calendar account.

You can learn more about organization accounts on this page.

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