Setting up a TV with meeting room status board

Roombelt lets you create a beautiful and functional read-only status board view with a list of current and upcoming meetings across all (or selected subset) of your meeting rooms.

Connecting device in a "Status board" mode

Before following the steps below, go through one of our Getting Started guides:

To create a dashboard:

  1. In the Roombelt administration panel, click "New device". A dialog will appear with an input field for "Connection code".

  2. On a Smart TV device, start an internet browser and open

  3. You will see a connection code. Type this code into the administration panel (see point 2) and click "Next".

  4. On the "Device type" screen, select "Status board" and click "Next".

  5. Pick the calendars you want to display on the device and click "Voila".

Next steps

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