Audit log

Roombelt keeps an audit log of all actions triggered from the connected devices. The audited actions are:

  • New meeting (meeting created from a device).

  • End meeting early.

  • Start meeting early (check-in before the meeting starts).

  • Extend meeting.

  • Check-in to meeting.

  • Cancel meeting (end it before it starts).

  • Cancel automatically (nobody checked in on time).

  • Remove recurring (nobody checked in to a recurring meeting a few times in a row).

To open the audit log, click the "Audit log" button on the Roombelt administration panel, as shown in the screenshot below.

Audit log dialog

Roombelt shows a paginated list of all events tracked in the last seven days. You can filter events by time, type, meeting room, and meeting summary.

Click "Get report" to download a CSV with a list of all events tracked by Roombelt since you signed up for the product.

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