Roombelt for Zoho

Roombelt integrates with Zoho Mail to display schedule of resources calendars on tablets put by meeting room door in your office.

How the integration works

Roombelt provides two way integration with Zoho. When a resource is booked from the Zoho user interface it will be shown in Roombelt.

If a resource is free, you can book it from Roombelt device and it will be visible in Zoho. You can then extend this meeting from Roombelt or end it earlier to free the room.

Currently extending and ending meetings is available only for meetings created from Roombelt. All meetings created from Zoho are read-only in Roombelt

Creating an account

To setup the integration go to, click "Log in with Zoho" and grant required permissions to Roombelt.

Note: Roombelt integrates with Zoho Resource Booking which is not availabe on the Zoho Mail Lite (free) plan.

After creating the account you should see the Roombelt administration panel similar to the one shown below.

Connecting device

Now it's the time to connect your first physical device. To test Roombelt you can use your Android, iOS tablet, Raspberry PI, Smart TV, dedicated Philips model or even your mobile phone:

  1. Open on your device and click "Register device". You should see a "connection code" that will be needed in a moment.

  2. On your computer open Roombelt administration panel (see section Creating an account) and click "Connect device".

  3. In the "Connect device" dialog provide the "connection code" and click "Next".

  4. Pick device type "Single calendar" and click "Next" (You can switch between device types later).

  5. Choose desired resource calendar from the list and click "Voila". If you don't see any resource calendars ensure that you have defined them in Zoho.

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